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Bled Island is much more than a wonderful impression. Discover the precious sacral and cultural heritage of the holy place in the middle of the lake.

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Church of the Mother of God on the Lake

Pilgrims from all over the world have been coming to the patron saint, Mary, of the Church of the Mother of God, for centuries. They convey their wishes, thanks and requests to her through prayer.


Chapel of Our Lady of Lourdes

Along the northern coast of Bled Island, you will come across a spring source and discover the stone Chapel of Our Lady of Lourdes.



A building called the Hermitary was built to retreat into solitude and surrender to prayer. It was once inhabited by a hermit priest.


The Wishing Bell

The ringing of the bell of desires is the voice of the soul, echoing in the sky above the lake. When you ring Mary's little bell, you will recommend yourself to the Mother of God, the Queen of Heaven.


Lookout Bell Tower

It is worth climbing the church bell tower with the restored tower clock, as it offers beautiful views of the lake, the shore and the surrounding peaks.


Provost’s House

Once upon a time, the building next to the church was meant for priests and the care of pilgrims. Today it houses a gallery and a museum where ethnological workshops take place.


Potičnica (Potica House)

The Sexton’s house and the Provost’s House are connected by a building named Potičnica, as it always smells of freshly baked traditional Slovenian poticas.


Sexton’s House

Today, there is room for protocol purposes in the ancient sexton’s house. It was once inhabited by a sexton and his family, who took care of the island.


Southern Stone Staircase

The impressive 99 steps climb up towards the central part of the island from the south. Climbing up the stairs is a metaphor for the way to God.


Northern Stone Staircase

You can reach the northern island port by descending a small stone staircase. An island spring bubbles up beside it.



To the Holy Mass on Bled Island

You are invited to attend the Holy Mass in the Church of the Mother of God on the Lake. Transportation to the service is provided, as we will take you to the island sanctuary free of charge by boat Sinaj from the port in front of Villa Bled. Check the schedule of services or book Holy Mass for your purpose.


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