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New! Home delivery

Baked or ready-to-bake potica is now delivered to your address. Walnut traditional potica and all other flavours are available. We can also prepare gluten-free and/or vegan poticas.

Order the product at least 3 days before the desired delivery by sending an e-mail to: poticnica@blejskiotok.si.

Delivery price: up to 10 km free of charge, 10-50 km; 15 € / delivery.

Ordering catering


We invite you to the Bled Island Potičnica for a traditional Slovenian potica of various flavours. With poticas of your choice, we prepare feasts for weddings, business meetings, holidays and other occasions.

Ordering on e-mail address: poticnica@blejskiotok.si

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Bled island

Information, wedding ceremony and announcement of organized groups:
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E: info@blejskiotok.si
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Potičnica Bled island

T: +386 4 576 79 79
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Hotel Stari Farovž

T: +386 70 865 738
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Sales gallery

T: +386 4576 79 78

Booking of liturgical services and Holy Mass

Orders online or in-person at the Parish of Bled office every Monday from 8.00 a.m. to 10.00 a.m. Possible additional dates: every day at 7.30 a.m. by prior arrangement with the Parish of Bled.

Bled Parish

DŠ: 95119159
TRR: IBAN SI56 0700 0000 0791 028 (GB d.d., Kranj)
E-mail: info@zupnija-bled.si

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