The unique potica

Slovenian festive pastry

A Slovenian pastry, without which there is no holiday in our homeland – no Christmas, no Easter, and no other family celebrations. Slovenia knows many types of potica in the cultural luxury of its regions, both simple and masterfully twisted and luxurious. When filling this wonderful pastry, the baker’s creativity has a free path – thus it is true that there are as many housewives and chefs as there are delicious recipes for potica. Little secrets for the successful preparation of this cake go from generation to generation.

The most widespread and popular one is the walnut potica, baked in a hearth oven in a potičnica – a baking pot, usually a handmade model in the shape of Christ’s crown. Thus, the baked pastry  develops the best taste. This is exactly what we bake for you in Bled Island’s Potičnica. We are proud of it and prepare it carefully and with love. We also follow new dietary guidelines, and today we can also offer sourdough poticas and gluten-free ones.

Centuries of potica baking

Slovenian festive pastry

 The first historical mentions of potica date back to the 17th century, when Valvasor described our country in detail, and among the specialities he also mentioned potica, which is made from thinly rolled dough, coated with honey and walnut filling and then rolled up. Its name, “po-vi-tica” or “potica”, probably derives from the word “poviti (to wrap)”.

 The tradition of baking cakes is much older than the first records of potica. It has always been prepared in our places in leavened or unleavened forms, eaten hot or cold, and a potica was often ordered as a service to the master or as a payment of part of the taxes. Potica is prepared in all Slovenian regions in many versions. They knead the dough using different types of flour and spread it with various fillings of fruits and herbs. Potica can be eaten cold or warm, with utensils or (best) in a homely way – with your hands.

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