Visiting the island is a holiday

Individually or with a guide

Bled Island invites you to visit it and sail across the lake in a pletna boat, motorboat, or small boat every day of the year. You can visit us on your own. You will get to know interesting stories, the importance of sacral heritage, the history of the island and its surroundings at their best if you are accompanied by a guide.

Visiting the island evokes festive feelings in the heart. With us, you will always find a place for praying, reflecting, and relaxing breaks, as well as a contact with the authentic cultural and culinary heritage, which we are proud to preserve in the embrace of unspoiled nature in the most beautiful part of Slovenia’s homeland.

Pilgrimage to the island


You are always heartily invited to the Holy Mass in the Church of the Assumption of Mary on Bled Island. You can order your liturgical service for your chosen purpose at the Bled Parish Office. We take you to the Holy Mass free of charge by boat Sinaj from the port below Villa Bled.

Bled Island has always been a well-known pilgrimage way of God. The invocations of the faithful are addressed to the Mother of God on the Lake, while many desire to pray at the statue of the patron saint of penitents, St. Mary Magdalene, and at the chapel of Our Mother of God of Lourdes by the island’s spring.

Centuries of invocations to heaven have also rung the Wishing Bell to help awaken or maintain deep hope and faith.

The Sacrament of Holy Matrimony

Church wedding ceremony

Receiving the sacrament of Holy Matrimony in the Sanctuary of the Assumption of Mary is the profound wish of many newly-weds. Mary, the Mother of God, is the Queen of the family. After the ceremony, the bride and the groom like to ring the Wishing Bell to never forget their commitments.

The festive wedding reception for the attending guests with traditional Slovenian poticas and wines as well as a view of the glistening lake is an exceptional experience.

Before the wedding ceremony, the groom can carry the bride up 99 stone steps, thus symbolically confirming his willingness for a successful marriage.

Bake a potica

Workshop, course, or attend the baking of poticas

The preparation and baking of traditional Slovenian potica are part of the secular offer that we organize on Bled Island. While visiting the island, you will get to know the varied Slovenian culinary tradition and experience an unforgettable holiday by attending a workshop or a course for preparing and baking poticas.

You can visit or attend the workshop for potica preparation and baking individually, or apply as a group. You can also choose a one-on-one course.

According to your wishes, the workshop can be upgraded and carried out as a team-building event.

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Booking of liturgical services and Holy Mass

Orders online or in-person at the Parish of Bled office every Monday from 8.00 a.m. to 10.00 a.m. Possible additional dates: every day at 7.30 a.m. by prior arrangement with the Parish of Bled.

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