The legend of Bled Island

Once pastures, now a lake

A story has survived, among the people, about the formation of the island in the middle of Lake Bled, which says:

“In ancient times, there were pastures where the lake waves are now bubbling. A small church dedicated to the Virgin Mary stood on a hill, in the middle. As there was no fence around the church, the cattle walked straight to the church – they even escaped inside the church. The indifferent people did not care that the cattle had desecrated the holy place, so they heard a warning voice several times: “Fence the church, if not, I will do it myself!”, but they ignored the voice. When they got up one morning, they noticed that the church was far around fenced. Lake waves were now playing where large pastures used to be.”

The legend of the Wishing Bell

Invocations to the Mother of God on the Lake

There is still a living story about the bell that can be rung in the Church of the Assumption of Mary on Bled Island:

“A young widow lived at Bled Castle. She gathered all her silver and gold and had a bell forged to be donated to the Mother of God on the Lake in memory of her late husband. During the transport to the island, a storm raged and the boat with the bell and the boatmen sank into the lake depths. The widow withdrew to a Rome convent in grief. After her death, the Pope sent to Bled Island another bell that people have loved to ring ever since, turning to the Mother of God on the Lake with their wishes and requests for help.”

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