Old Parish House hotel

Hotel inside Old Parish house

Near the Bled lake and St. Martin Church

The old Parish house, one of the oldest buildings in Bled, breathes timelessly with its simple renovated ambience and quality natural materials. Guests are invited here for a calm relaxing holiday in the vicinity of the parish church of St Martin. You are always greeted by homeliness and hospitality in the shelter of the Castle Hill near the lake.

Our accommodation offers 10 double rooms with a possibility of an extra bed and tasty breakfast which can be served as room service or in the garden. By the hotel, there is also a small café which serves coffee and honey delicacies, in summer it even offers home-made ice cream. A free private carpark is available.


You will enjoy a delicious breakfast that can also be served on the green lawn or in the privacy of your room.

Next to the hotel, there is a small café that always smells of warm strudel, šmorn (Emperor’s Mess cake), or honey delicacies. In the summer months, we will also delight you with homemade boutique ice cream.

Free private parking is available for hotel and café guests.


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Booking of liturgical services and Holy Mass

Orders online or in-person at the Parish of Bled office every Monday from 8.00 a.m. to 10.00 a.m. Possible additional dates: every day at 7.30 a.m. by prior arrangement with the Parish of Bled.

Bled Parish

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Blejski otok, d.o.o.

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