Southern stone staircase

Up 99 steps

For pilgrims, the path to Good

The staircase on Bled Island’s southern side was built in the 17th century and is made of local conglomerate rock. Next to the staircase stands a small chapel erected in gratitude to the Mother of God.

It is one of the most picturesque and famous buildings on Bled Island. The Staircase symbolism was primarily tied to the sacred, pilgrimage significance of the place.

Religious symbolism

Touching the sky

The staircase symbolizes the way to God, when we ascend we become cleaner, better, more open: “below” is a metaphor for the insignificant and worthless, and “above” for the noble, good and right. The staircase tells us, “You go up, to the temple of prayer, closer to God.” Significantly, with the view from the harbour, the highest island step touches the sky.


The groom's challenge

With the bride in his arms

The staircase is also especially symbolic for newly-weds. Many grooms climb the famous staircase with their brides in their arms on the wedding day. By this act, the groom proves to be a mature and reliable man who will be able to offer his wife a secure marital status.